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Renewable Heating

Gasa4Heat are skilled in the installation of solar panels to a roof. Renewable energy is a big focus for us!  We are keen to help improve the environment and the use of renewable sources, we also offer solar water heating systems using solar panels, fitted to your roof. Collect the heat generated by the sun and then used to heat up water which is stored in a hot water cylinder. Gas4Heat install, commission and maintain solar water systems throughout Essex.

Solar thermal panels absorb light during the day, a special coating on the panels ensure that the heating system performs to its full potential.  The energy collected is converted into hot water for your home. Solar Panels can complement existing heating and hot water systems.


When solar panel installations are used in conjunction with a standard boiler system you could save around 50-70% of your annual hot water requirements. During the summer this could rise as high as 80-90%.

Renewable Heating Solutions Sussex
Renewable Hot Water System

Are Solar Panels Really Efficient?

There are obviously many different types of solar panels and some are more efficient than others. Our team of experts can help to maximise the energy used while working within a budget.

When deciding on the best solar panel to use we will find the best solution for your circumstances. We will find the right solution to provide the best return on investment rather than just choose any solar panel.

The higher the efficiency of a solar panel the more they tend to cost. The less efficient panels are cheaper but less efficient. We also take into account the size of the roof, the number of solar panels needed and light intake.

Boiler Replacements

Replacing your old boiler with a new A-rated boiler and heating controls can save you around £350 a year.


Radiator Installation

Gas4Heat’s highly experienced heating engineers install and repair radiators across Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex and London.


Underfloor Heating

Saving you money on your energy bills and running costs. Speak to us for advice on underfloor heating installation.



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