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Don’t let those summer beach trips damage your plumbing system

Plumbing is the key to any functioning home, from the heating, bathroom facilities, to taps that are located outside of the house. With plumbing being such a crucial element of your home, the last thing you want is to disrupt this system.

You may be surprised to learn that during the summer months there are many everyday things that could damage your plumbing system, from trips to the beach to garden BBQs. During the summer, you want to be soaking up as much of the British sun as possible without having to worry about your plumbing systems.

We have some important tips for you to ensure the plumbing in your home won’t get damaged, ensuring your system runs efficiently all summer long…

Trips to the beach – Taking a trip to the beach with family and friends is always great fun, but the fun may be short-lived once you’re covered in sand enduring a long car journey home. There’s nothing better than washing off in a warm shower, but unfortunately the effects of this on your draining system are not so enjoyable. When you have sand and tiny stones on your body or in your hair and you then go to have a shower, the sand and stones will go into your pipes and can end up blocking your drain. As well as stones and sand, sun cream can also rinse off into your drain and combine with the sand and stones, further contributing to the blockage! Our best advice is to try and get as much of the sand and stones off of you at the beach in the lovely sea to avoid damaging your shower

BBQs in the garden – When the sun’s out, us Brits just love a BBQ! Having family and friends round to catch up and eat some delicious food is always top on our list during the warmer months. After tucking into the tasty summer treats that have been sizzling away on the barbeque, it’s very easy to accidently leave your leftovers out on a plate while you finish your drink or get distracted by the children, you may even be tempted to feed a few morsels to the family pet. To be on the safe side, ensure all food and packaging is not left on the ground as it could find its way to a drain – causing major consequences on your home plumbing. Remember to tell your family and friends to throw their leftovers in the bin. If anything is to happen to your plumbing system over the summer, we have a hands-on team ready to assist you.

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