Gas4Heat Winter Boiler Service

8 reasons to service your boiler in winter

At Gas4Heat, we understand the importance of having an efficient, energy-saving and, most importantly safe boiler in your home. With regular maintenance and care, your boiler will not only run to the best of its ability but can even save you money on your energy bills. Don’t neglect your boiler, read on to learn 8 reasons to service your boiler this winter:

  1. Good performance all year round – Servicing your boiler regularly ensures it is running well all year round. Much like a car, it is important to check all components are in good shape for better functionality overall.
  2. Avoid dangerous gas leaks – As we all know gas leaks, although rare in boilers, are very dangerous and in some cases, lethal. Keeping you and your family safe is our utmost priority and regular boiler servicing will protect you from gas leak related incidents.
  3. Detecting deadly carbon monoxide – Carbon monoxide is one of the most difficult gases to detect due to its lack of smell and taste. A well-serviced and maintained boiler will significantly reduce the risk of carbon monoxide release, which can become present through faults, blockages and leaks.
  4. Peace of mind for you and your family – Feeling safe and secure in your own home is paramount. Knowing your boiler is posing no threat to you and your loved ones is well worth the price of a service.
  5. Cheaper than emergency call-outs! – Booking in your boiler services ahead of time is a lot cheaper than waiting until something goes wrong, requiring you to make an emergency call-out, especially if it is out of normal working hours.
  6. Save money on your energy bills – Ensuring your boiler is running as efficiently as possible will actually save you money on your energy bills. With most of us cranking up our heating at the end of the year, there is no better time to see if your boiler could save you some pennies!
  7. Quality service from our Gas Safe Registered Engineers – All our Engineers are Gas Safe registered, so you can expect an unrivalled quality of service when you book in your boiler service with Gas4Heat.
  8. Stay warm this winter – Nobody needs additional stress over the busy Christmas period! Stay warm and cosy in your home this winter and give your boiler the care and maintenance it needs to see you through the colder months.

Is your boiler due a service? Get in touch with our team today by calling 01293 387 299 or get your free quote now.

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